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The Power of Biology
5 Reasons Why This Liquid is Selected      
Uniqueness of Kirara Comfort

Where it is recomendable

Household with small children and aged persons and institutions
for handicapped parsons,hospitals,kindergartens,and schools.

Food processing plants,restaurants,large sized cooking facilities such as school meals production
facilities,wash place kitchen garbage pots are places where usage of this liquid is recommended.

It is recommended for temporary toilets of event sites,and construction sites and for other portable toilets.

The jobs surroundings where odor emission is inevitable such as garbage collectors,vacuum truck drivers,
and livestock breeder,fishery,zoo and aquarium workers are jobs where this liquid is recommended to use.

Usage and use purpose

Usage Instructions

  • Kirara Comfort is micro organism containing solution,threfore,refrain from mixing the solution with chlorine containing solution.
  • The temperature where the micro organism gets activated is 25-40 Degree Celsius,therefore,store the liquid at the room temperature and sunlight-free places.
  • The storing conditions may change the liquid into fermentation smelling solution,however there is no change in the quality of the liquid.If the liquid smells like rotten,then stop using it and dispose of it.
  • If the liquid is shaken too mush strongly,then an obligare aerobe proliferates too mush,then the very unique odor(fermented soy beans smell)becomes strong.Still in that state,the liquid is effective for the plant growth expediting.
  • Use us the liquid within two month after opening the cap of the bottle.The water mixed solution tends to be rotten so that use up the diluted liquid as soon as possible,and store it in the dark place.
  • Although the liquid is haumless to human body,this is not for drinking.Do not keep the liquid near the children.

What is the dormant fungal spore?

When liquid level becomes low in the bottle,occasionally you may notice white colored flimsy film appears on the liquid surface.
This is a dormant fungal spore of a certain obligate aerobe.
This germ does not like acidity and lides oxygen and dormant on the surface of the loquid.When the liquid is sprayed,then this germ gets contacted with oxygen,and then this one becomes awake and activated. The activated germ strongly decompose the organic matters and dirty water.Therefore,please do not care the flimsy film,because this is usefus and does not mean the change of the quality of the liquid.

Story of Kirara Comfort

What to know about Kirara Comfort more and more

The origin of the liquid name:Kirara Comfort

Kirara has been taken from “Emitting the light dazzlingly”.
In Japanese language the dazzlingly is Kira Kira. Also, the bright circumstance was reflected in the word of Kira.
Comfort may reflect image of comfortable life.

Story of Development of Kirara Comfort

After reclaiming and cultivating the waste land, Jo Netsu Noen started planting “Shikimi” which is a plant whose leaves are offered to God and displayed at altar.

However, one day the Shikimi leaves were stolen just before delivery to users and Shikimi trees were damaged very much.
We wanted to restore damaged Shikimi trees. For that purpose, we used enzyme solution of a bacteria which is used to produce fermented soy beans in order to kill insects carrying disease germ, and insects causing damages to crops as well as in order to expedite the growth of the plant itself.
Also, we used enzyme solution of lactobacillus to reduce strong smell of a fertilizer.
This was a hint for developing Kirara Comfort.

In Yamaguchi prefecture neglected bamboo groves are becoming problem a lot.
We thought that if the neglected bamboo grove can be utilized, then it may be one way of solution.
Therefore, we add the specially processed bamboo charcoal to Kirara Comfort to activate proliferation of germs. These technology has been registered as an intellectual property.
We asked Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center for technical consultation in general and also asked for analysis and detection of microorganism, Also, this liquid has been registered as a special fertilizer at Yamaguchi Prefectural Government.
Thus the completed liquid has been named as Kirara Comfort which is household liquid of biology and it has been registered as a protected Trade Name.


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